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Stationary Seals & Rotating Air Seals (2022)

Honeycomb seals have been used since the inception of the aerospace industry as sealing components to optimise airflow.

Why are these seals so important?


  • Provide maximum concentration of the airflow processes in the engine.
  • Guarantee the required density for the efficient operation of the engine.
  • Ensure that the airflow only flows in the desired direction, both in rotating and stationary high-pressure and low-pressure parts.

Engine parts assembled with sealing honeycomb include segments and stationary /rotating ring-shape air seals.

What overhaul work is possible for these parts?

  • The most common is the replacement of the honeycomb seal structure. In addition, the required final dimension of the honeycombs can be achieved by unconventional machining.
  • Depending on the function of the part, thermal spraying, welding, brazing, heat treatments; welded or brazed spare parts can often be replaced.
  • Some unexpected malfunctions are not mentioned in the OEM documentation, in which case we will carry out the necessary repairs after DR approval.